Most companies create contents that illustrate and highlight their products/services, but these contents are often replicated countless times on various channels, making updating and alignment difficult and arduous.
TETRASTORE E-Catalog, using the resources already available, can be considered a concentrator and indexer of these contents that allows:
- users to access information in a simple and intuitive way
- to companies, in addition to drastically reducing updating costs, to spreading a coordinated image of their production in the context of effective technical communication.
Manufacturer page on the portal
A MANUFACTURER can autonomously insert his products in the TETRASTORE e-Catalog from his management panel with the limits indicated in the Pricing document. There are three types of images: Products, Company image and Company banner.
The images to be inserted must possibly have a uniform background and dimensions corresponding to the templates that TETRASTORE will provide.
The data to be entered is only detailed information on each product to compare similar products.
After activation by TETRASTORE, the products will be displayed on the portal page at the end of the insertion.
From the portal page, it is possible to choose to send a request for quotation to a MANUFACTURER, to its authorised dealers (if available) and, at the same time, to other manufacturers who have related products.

Custom Manufacturer Page
A MANUFACTURER can request the creation of a personalised page, reachable from its website with a link, in which users can only see its products/services and request quotes. There are no advertising banners on the customised page except for the lateral company banner managed independently by the Manufacturer.
All page contents are synchronised with those of the portal and any Reseller pages, so the update is carried out only on the TETRASTORE management panel.
The requests for quotations made on the personalised page are forwarded only to the producer who owns the page itself.
Distributor & Dealer custom page
Dealers generally do not pay much attention to advertising their brands. They often limit themselves to showing a product logo or image with an invitation to ask for information.
For the Manufacturer and the Distributor, this involves a substantial limitation of visibility and forces users to waste time searching for the desired information.
TETRASTORE gives the Distributors & Dealers a personalised page that can be reached through a link. This link can be activated from their website or a banner on the portal. All the products with the relevant information will be displayed, of the producers who have authorised it by selecting, at its discretion, the ones you want to publish.
All the updates made by the manufacturers will be automatically acquired so the DISTRIBUTORS & DEALERS will have all the products and related data updated continuously without wasting time and resources. Quotation requests are forwarded only to the DISTRIBUTORS & DEALERS who owns the personalised page (and not to the individual Manufacturer represented).