This area, which is accessible with temporary credentials provided by TETRASTORE and can be modified later by users, contains all the management panels of the various activities divided into two macro areas: BUYER and SELLER, also identified by the different colours of the top bar. A BUYER user has two ways to request a quotation:
  • through the visual e-Catalog
  • from the TETRASTORE E-Procurement QUOTATIONS panel
A SELLER user can respond to requests or make new proposals from the TETRASTORE E-Procurement QUOTE panel. This system's basic concept is to allow all commercial and technical users (Buyer and Seller) to easily interact with each other with advanced instruments and logics to provide a better and quicker service with less time and resources. Moreover, this cloud system's advantage is to allow all users to operate independently from any location without location constraints.
Are you a Buyer?
Main functionalities of the Buyer management panels
  • Real-time interaction with suppliers
  • Completion, before submission, of a quotation request from the e-Catalog visual catalogue
  • Creation of a new request in manual mode or from the articles master data; in the second case, the compilation is automatic.
  • Possibility of forwarding a request to several suppliers at the same time
  • Insertion of parts lists referring to orders or projects (on request)
  • Access to the spare parts lists of a supplier's specific machine or system and request for quotations to the original manufacturers of the parts and/or their dealers or suppliers with similar products (on request)
  • Order proposals (on request)
  • Possibility of attaching images and documents to the request
  • Live chat messages associated with each quotation request
  • Article codes associated with those of the suppliers' articles, in this case, both the request and the quotation proposal are automatically filled in
  • Supplier assessment
  • Feedback from suppliers
  • Assignment and management of Buyer users' predefined roles (PDirector, Buyer1)
  • Automatic generation of articles and suppliers master data.
  • Reminder for interaction between Buyer users
  • Statistics

Are you a Seller?
Main functions of the Seller management panels
  • Real-time interaction with customers
  • Insertion of products and/or articles and relative contents
  • Link to already available resources: information, data, catalogues, videos, product configurators, 3D models
  • esponse to the Buyer's request for quotation or creation of a new proposal with manual mode or from the master articles; in the second case, the form is compiled automatically
  • Possibility to attach images and documents to the quotation proposal
  • Live chat messages associated with each quotation proposal
  • Order confirmations (on request)
  • Creation of bills of materials related to projects or orders and spare parts lists (on request)
  • Feedback from customers
  • Assignment and management of Seller user roles (SManager, Seller1, Tech)
  • Direct interaction between commercial users and technical service for assistance on requests and quotation proposals
  • Association of Commercial Users - Customers
  • Creation of highlighted item lists
  • By modifying the list prices, it is possible to activate the automatic update of the active quotations already forwarded (on request)
  • Automatic generation of articles and customers master data
  • Notes and highlighting to facilitate interactions between internal users
  • Management of authorised resellers
  • Statistics: valorisation by the user, number and value of accepted or rejected proposals, etc