How can I get a trial account?
In two ways:
a) follow the guided procedure: login > Create new account
b) end a request to info@tetrastore.com indicating: company name, website and applicant's details The first user will be assigned the role of company admin; however, multiple accounts may be assigned with various roles to different users of the same company at the request of company admin, who must indicate for each user: personal details, their company e-mail and their role. All users will be given temporary credentials that, at the first login, will allow them to complete the registration.

Is it free?
The basic single-user version is free with the restrictions indicated in the document: Pricing.
. We can initially activate additional features in the Standard version but for a limited period.
The Standard version (except for the free trial period) and the Executive version are not free, and users must ask for a quotation that will be determined according to their real needs.

Why credentials must be requested?
This is a highly professional portal with commercial interactions between companies, so it is essential to be assured that users are part of a recognised, existing and active company that manages them.

Can everyone register?
For now, only users of companies in the industrial sector (components, machinery and equipment, services to companies), Manufacturers and Resellers who can use one or both of the profiles BUYER and SELLER can register.

How do the two profiles BUYER and SELLER differ?
By their functionalities: enabled Buyer users can ask one or more suppliers for quotations for single items or lists simultaneously and, in the most advanced versions, transform the requested quotes into order proposals. Enabled Seller users can enter and manage products and information, define authorised resellers who can display their products, respond to Buyer requests, and confirm Buyer orders with the more advanced versions.

How many users can you have and in which area can they operate?
Within the 6 predefined roles ( that can be implemented) users can be unlimited.
For example, Seller company with one Sales Director, two internal salespeople and 10 external area managers (sales officers). The recommended users are:
1 default admin: can use almost all control panel features
1 Tech user can intervene only on quote requests, forwarded by other sales users (SManager and Buyer1) to define the product in the technical area and send the proposal back to the original user who will complete it with the commercial details
1 with SManager role that can perform all commercial functions with all customers and see and eventually intervene on the work of other commercial users and can interact with the Tech user
10 users with Seller1 role who can see the requests and interact directly only with the Buyer customers assigned to them by SManager or admin, they too can forward requests that need technical support to the Tech user An internal messaging system allows to apply notes and highlights visible to all company users.
All users have access to an internal chat on the quote request that enables them to interact with Buyer users in real time to ask for information, more details or attachments on that particular request.
All information, attachments, chat messages will become an integral, non-editable part when the quote proposal is forwarded to the Buyer user who sent it.
Buyer and Seller users are identified only by their username in all interactions, but they can provide their credentials through chat if they wish.